Want Beginners' Basic Guitar Lessons in Albert Park and South Melbourne-wide areas?

Check our FAQ list for any answers you want to check quickly.

If you're planning to avail beginner' basic guitar lessons Albert Park and South Melbourne-wide locals enjoy, we recommend that you go through this list of commonly asked questions. If you have any other inquiries or concerns that you might want us to clarify, simply call us at our phone number: 03 9077 6229 or through our mobile phone: 0402 710 990 today.

As a beginner, how long will it be before I can play?
The guitar is one of the easiest instruments in which to acquire the basic skills necessary to play. At Thorne Guitar Tuition we believe in a hands-on approach. This tactile approach results in our students coming away from lessons connected to the joy of performing music. In answer to the question, no time at all.

Where is the main studio located?
At Thorne Guitar Tuition, we have studios located throughout the inner city, but our main studio is in Young St. Albert Park, situated between the lake and the beach. This location makes it very accessible to all our South Melbourne, St Kilda, Port Melbourne, Middle Park and CBD clients.

Are the lessons group or individual?
Thorne Guitar Tuition specialises in one-on-one lessons, but we do offer group lessons or two students at once if that is your preference. The price for this can be negotiated.

Does the price for the lessons vary depending on whether you are a Beginner or an Advanced Student?
No, the price for guitar lessons does not vary.

How much are the lessons?
Guitar Lessons are $35 for half an hour and $70 for the hour. The student pays as they go and there are no other associated costs.

What length of lessons do you recommend?
We advise half hour lessons; these are often most suitable to the beginners and young children, while the more advanced and older students get a lot of value out of the full hour session.

What sort of qualifications do the teachers at Thorne Guitar Tuition hold?
At Thorne Guitar Tuition, all Melbourne locations, we believe in the mantra that the practical must meet the theoretical and that is the way we structure our lessons. All our teachers hold Music Degrees from one of the Australian Conservatoriums, work as Instrumental Teachers in schools and perform regularly as Professional Musicians.

Is most of your students avail long-term lessons?
Although students progress quickly and successfully, they enjoy the lessons and the learning process so much that, yes, they keep coming back. Many of the advanced students love the challenge of fine tuning their skills, learning new solos and jamming with professionals.

Can I learn songs of my own choice?
Absolutely! As long as the piece is suitable for your skill level, the teacher can easily access the music and teach it.

Do I need to bring my own guitar?
No, you are most welcome to use a guitar that is available at the studio.

Am I too old lessons?
Absolutely not! Thorne Guitar Tuition has taught many older/mature age students with much success.

Is my child too young to have guitar lessons?
The age of 6 or 7 is suitable, but it really depends upon the child's ability to maintain concentration. The younger child must also possess the dexterity to control the instrument.